​At Empava, we believe that everyone’s life at home should give them an absolute joy. Your home is your sanctuary and refuge from life’s storms and stresses.

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Cooking with Empava appliances doesn’t have to be a hassle; cook appetizers, entrees, and anything your heart favors with ease and enjoy the experience. That’s the Empava way.

Our products

Unwind with the luxurious Empava freestanding bathtub.

Relax and wind down any worries you may have from the outside world with our freestanding bathtubs. Their elegant and modern design will be the most beautiful focal point of your bathroom.

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Create superlative dishes with the powerful Empava induction cooktops.

Create superlative dishes with the powerful Empava induction cooktops. Due to enhanced technological advances, these cooktops remain cool to the touch whilst cooking and don't annoyingly overheat the kitchen. Not even the best of gas cooktops can match the potential of this cooktop.

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Range Hood

Featuring 400 CFM + Airflow, Muti-Speed Fan and Full Sealed Aluminum Motor. The Ducted Range Hood Will Quickly Ventilate Your Kitchen and Keep the Noise Level below 65 dB, Brings a Good Cooking Experience. 

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Engineered by Empava in California

Our passion for engineering means that we find a way to incorporate details that delight, while following through on the promises of privilege, practicality, and prestige.